Paris, France

Four of my favorite miscellaneous shots from Paris taken in August 2003. Sure there is Notre Dame and the Seine and the Eiffel, but I think these are more interesting. I think each one says something important about the culture and vibe of Paris. The top one, an artist in Monmartre, in a little area right after you get up the hill that I like to call artists courtyard (I'm sure it has a real name, but I like to name places I enjoy). There were rows and rows of different types of artists, under a canopy of green leaves. There were portrait artists, landscape painters, the guy above was painting city scenes, even silhouetists, any type of art that you could want was in that courtyard. The last picture is also in Monmartre, I took it in the metro station. Something about the lighting in this made this scene beautiful to me. If you look real hard in the right corner of the photo, you can actually see la familia. This picture reminds me of old Europe, from the early part of the 20th century, thats what I feel when I look at it, (although if thats the case maybe it should have been in black and white).
The middle photos are just a reflection of things I find interesting. The trash photo I got a kick out of because New York City used really dirty, and to come to Paris and to see this gave me a good giggle. People walk by this all the time and would never see the parallel. Noticing things like this that people don't take a second glance at is one of my favorite quirky things about travel. I took a picture of the street because on the fence/gate, there is an art exhibit, a photo exhibit to be exact. It was a humanitarian photo exhibit, there were pictures of war, life, people, beauty and destruction all over the world. It was wonderful to stumble upon this scene and the photos on our way out of the park, which is enlosed by this gate. I think that this is a wonderful content picture (because there is some development and color flaws) because the people looking at this outdoor art exhibit are moved, and you can see regular city folk walking by and then stopping in their tracks to look at a moving photo, or craning their necks and doing a double take. I find the affect that photographs have on people to be stunning. If you have never watched people looking at art, I highly recommend it.