Hyeres, France (January 2007)

Up in the hills of Hyeres' old city, where the road are almost non-existent and you can't believe they allow cars up there, there are these houses, cute little houses. If you are lucky enough to not be hit by a moto flying down the road or a car trying to negotiate a turn that cant even be classified as hairpin because it is so much worse, you will notice the beautiful little scenes like this one. There is laundry lines hanging, cats on windowsills, decorations on the buildings and centuries old churches, compacted into this little area of a now much larger city.

South of France (January 2007)

This is a miscellaneous cove between Marseille and Six-Fours. It had the most interesting rock formations and the clearest water I have ever seen. The rock was fused together with what looked like cement and red rock, except thta it was completely natural. It has a specific name that I cannot remember right now, but this area has one of the highest instances of this type of rock.

Cassis, France (January 2007)

The view from the cliff in the picture below, over looking Cassis. What a wonderful perspective. The color of the sea was so vivid, and you the depth rings are evidet. I could have stared at this view forever, just sittin on top of the cliff.

Cassis, France (January 2007)

The view of the cliffs from the Cassis beach. Does it look like Africa or is it just me? We later hiked on this cliff and all around it. The terrain was this clay like almost red rock, definetly not the ground you expect to find on the top of a cliff.

Cassis, France (January 2007)

The most darling town in between Marseille and Six-Fours. It had this classic little harbor/marina that you would expect to see in the south of France. The colors were vibrant and there were old men walking around with baguetts under their arm. Cliffs surrounded the whole town which was under construction before the summer busy season. It was clean and petite, a real classy place that you just want to mill around in, eat bread and drink coffee. There was even a sea wall, and lighthouse, with a warf like walk out close to the culunks, or coves where people park their boats in the summer. The cliffs all around had trails on them, and you could hike for miles. The landscape was truly stunning.

Var Provence, France (January 2007)

Taken not far from Six-Fours, at another natural preserve/beach area. We wandered around this area for a couple of hours, just observing the suprising landscape. I found that most of the South of France reminded me of pictures that I have seen from the coasts in Africa, and what I saw of Moroco. I had expected there to be less rugged terrain, less mountainous hills, but if you think about it, it makes sense, the whole area is basically the foothills of the Alps. Because we were with a local, we did a lot of hiking and walking trails that we never would have found if we had just been wandering on our own. It was a great gift, and we were rewarded with astounding views. Each hike was worth every step, even in the Mistral Winds. The Mistral winds are fierce, and accompanied by sunshine and beautiful weather. We had to walk to the inside of the trail because it seemed like at any moment the wind could whip you right off the side of the hill. It howled day and night for the first three days we were there, and then all of a sudden they disappeared. There are a number of types of winds that whip through the South of France, each with its own story name, and description.

Six-Fours-Les-Plages, France (January 2007)

Taken at a nature conservatory in Six-Fours. I like to call this one solitude. He is like a mountain climber and Christopher Columbus all rolled into one. It makes me think of possibility. Where will he go next, what will he do next, will he jump off into the sea, crawl down the rock, is he really alone, what is the story here? Photographically speaking it is an easy shot to take...if you can catch it, but there is so much that you can infer from this photo, that you can take from this photo based on what is going on in your life.