One week out...

Exactly one week from today I will be leaving for Ireland! The adventure is about to begin. Here is a rundown of what the next two months of my life look like, subject to change of course. We have rented a car, and will be traveling all over Ireland. Flying into Shannon and ending in Dublin, we plan to hit as much as we can, of this picturesque country. From Dublin, la familia will go home and I will fly to Amsterdam on October 1st, from there its pretty much a free for all. I have my rail pass in hand and a general itinerary, but we will see what formulates. The general "itin" looks like this, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, and then it gets a little flexible, maybe Vienna, maybe Venice and Milan. From Italy I will either hop a ferry or fly to Athens. I plan to stay a few days in Athens, and then make it to the islands, for some hiking and general sitting around. I'm sure by the time I get there, I will be beat and broke. (Hopefully they don't mind people camping out on the beach. ) From the islands I will make my way back to Athens to hop a plane to Cairo, where I will meet up with a Contiki tour for about 10 days. Sometime after those 10 days I will make my way back to the US. It might take me a couple of days, but I should be back just in time for Thanksgiving and the Gobble Hobble :)


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  1. I have no words...I'm so excited for you! This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime.

    You had better be back in time for the Gobble Hobble, however, I am not sure that after your time in more cultured lands that you will be ready for such a display of pure American debauchery.