Antwerp Train Station
Antwerp/ Antwerpen as it is called here, was my first stop after Amsterdam and it left me exhausted. I got off the train and tried to find my hostel using the directions from the website where I booked it, mistake number one. The directions were awful. I proceeded to get very lost and only found the hostel by accident. Now let me say that I dont really believe in getting lost, just temporarily misplaced, which is what I was on the way to the hostel, but the other time was a whole other thing. The showers were scary to say the least. Like long closet type thing, where the water didnt stay on for more than one minute at a time, and you had to climb up into this basin to even get it on. After checking in I decided it would be a good idea to orient myself because I was only going to be there one day, mistake two. I ended up finding the main shopping area, grabbing some food to eat at the hostel, and ran smack into the cathedral and one of the main squares. At which time I took many pictures, people watched a bit, talked to my Dad on the phone, and then got lost again. In fact I got so lost, that by the time I found myself on the map I was so far away from where I needed to be that I had to get a taxi back to the main station. Let me tell you, there are no taxis in Antwerp. The next day was much better seeing as I had already basically walked the whole city the previous night. There is some really great architecture and it is home to one of the biggest diamond industries. I didnt have a chance to do much, it was just stop over, but it was great to wander around.