Riding through cornfields.
I rented a bike! It felt wonderful to get out of the city and on to the open bike lane. While I am sure that I broke every Flemish bike rule there is, it was one of my best days yet. It took about an hour to bike from Bruges to the town of Blankenberge. A nice calm ride with views of farmlands, and wind turbines. The area was still encased in fog when I got to the beach, but it slowly burned off into a beautiful day. The beach had an industrial port in the distance to one side and hotel row to the other. There were some dunes, a pier, and even a casino. Think nicer than Hampton, and AC, but not nicer than Ireland or the south of France because it had some sort of a boardwalk. They had some really interesting beach art, which I of course took lots of pictures of. After walking/riding down the beach area, I came around to the marina. The marina had some pretty impressive sail boats and motorboats. I sat on a bench opposite it, watched some sail boats come in, and wrote. By that time the sun was out and shinning, so much so that I ended up in short sleeves. It was a nice relaxing stop. Great day!