Bruges or Brugge is a beautiful medieval type city that reminds me of classic Europe. It has very small winding streets and alleys, tons of outdoor cafes and churches galore. It seems like a place for honeymooners. Yesterday was easily the best day weatherwise that I have had yet, warm, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. This morning however, I couldnt see across the street because the fog was so thick. It eventually burned off and I was somewhat sad to have the character that fog can bring to an area gone.
Yesterday when I arrived I had my first laundry experience for this trip. It seems to have been successful, aka my clothes smelled better when they came out of the wash. I couldnt read any of the instructions so it was a nice old guessing game. Lets hope im not allergic to the detergent I purchased.
I hit the town hall this morning which of course was fantastic gothic building, with a great square. Basically I wandered around all day, walked the whole old town, which is enclosed in a canal ring, literally a circle. There were street markets everywhere, with food, clothes, glassware and pretty much anyting you could want. I ventured out of the main touristy part too, and as soon as I did it was shockingly quiet and serene. I think ill rent a bike tomorrow and see some of the outskirts. The beach is also only a 50 min bike ride away, so I might do that as well.