Brussel / Bruxelles / Brussels

A gray and hazy day.

This morning I hopped an early train to Brussels. It was nice to get here, drop my stuff at the hostel and go for the day. I think I walked the whole city today, it was out of control. As usual, I decided not to use the map for the first day, it always makes for an interesting time. I happened upon many things that I wanted to see, like the Royal Palace, the library and some churches and cathedrals. I saw the main square which is a UNESCO site, including the ¨Hotel de Ville,¨ (the town hall). In the same square I went into the city museum which was housed in this incredibly detailed gothic building. Of course once I had already paid I realized that the museum was only in French, and some sort of Flemish dialect. Woops. I happened upon the Botanical Gardens and then a stunning basilica/cathedral called Ave Maria. Unfortunately it was closed. It was only then that I realized I was off the map. I miraculously made it back to the hostel, looked at the map and saw how much I had actually done during the day. Tomorrow I think I will take a ride out to the European Union area. The buildings are suppose to be quite impressive.

Town Square
Botanical Gardens 
Ave Maria