Faluca Sail, on our boat

Tonight is my last night in Egypt. I can't believe it is almost done. It feels like I have been in Egypt for months, but at the same time it feels like the first day was yesterday. We had an early start today 715am on the bus. We saw the oldest pyramid which is actually a "step pyramid." It is 5000 years old. Not as impressive as the actual pyramids, but just as cool to see. It was a completely different stlye and was an example of how the ancient egyptians used trial and error with building styles. We went to two mosques and a had a traditional lunch followed by an option to wade back through the bazaar. Having already done that yesterday, I decided I was much to tired to do it again. It takes everything out of you. You are hassled, wistled at, pushed around, and generally just emotionally exhausted when you walk out of there. My plan of buying many goods in Egypt was seriously dashed after my visit to the bazaar in Aswan, its just not worth it.
With that said, I have really enjoyed my time here and will never forget anything that we did. I have to say that even though all of the sites are amazing, the gigantic temples and the pyramids, my favorite is still sailing down the Nile in a Faluca and crusing down in the ship, oh and climbing the dune in the Sahara. What an unreal trip and great way to top off two months!

Running down a dune in the Sahara


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