Sunrise - Dublin Airport

I can't believe I am coming home today. I can't wrap my head around it at all. I just saw the most beautiful sunrise and had a fantastic Irish breakfast. My last European sunrise for a while i'm sure. I have about 5 hours to kill before my flight and three before checkout. I couldn't sleep last night, so I figured I might as well just get up. My internal clock is so messed up anyways that whats a few more hours or another day of being awake. I think I am somewhere around 2-4 hours of sleep in the last, oh 40 hours. Oh joy, this is about the point where I stop making any sense and fall asleep on my plate at the dinner table (eg. return from Iran). I wish I had something more useful or thoughtful to say, but today it is just jetlag babble and sadness about returning. I just want to go on traveling forever. I was talking to a girl in Tokyo before I left and she asked me if I was just looking for a place where I feel most at home, I had never thought of travel like that, but I wonder if she wasn't a little bit right. I think as long as I can locate enough funds I will always continue to travel, but I can't help but think seriously about her question. Travel is one thing that I am really passionate about, I really do love it and will always do it as long as I am able, but the search for a place where I feel most at home is a separate thing I believe. The idea of going home and being in the same place for two weeks or more really gives me a shiver all over my body. Re-entry here I come, we'll see how prepared I am when I step off the plane and everyone speaks English. Mind-mess.