Ok, not sure if anyone is still reading since I have been MIA for almost a week, but here are some tidbits from the insanely busy trip that is Egypt. I slept in the Milan airport on the way here, and that was not very good for the mood upon entrance into Cairo. I ended up staying at the Cairo airport for a long time waiting for my transfer and got to the hotel pretty late, and my phone wouldn't work. The hotel was really nice as have all of the accommodations on this trip. Quite the improvement from the last two months. The pyramids are amazing and it really is true that you don't know how big they are until you are there. We spent three nights on a boat, sailing down the nile, that's right cruising down the Nile. I have had more than a few occasions on this trip where I just think to myself, I cant believe where I am right now. We flew to Abu Simbel, which is just stunning, saw Luxor temple at night and Karnak during the day. There is so much to write and so little time. This trip is unforgettable in every manner, sites, sounds, smells and all. The markets are an experience I will never forget, they give new meaning to the word hassle. Must run, sound and light show at the pyramids!


Abu  Simbel

I see you taking a picture of me!

Sunset over the Nile

Luxor Temple by night


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