The funny thing about blogging is that five or ten minutes after posting a blog you remember five things that you meant to put in there, especially when you havent posted in a while. I found that that happened to me yesterday, but now I cant remember any of the things so I cant even add them. I must be losing my mind. Plus not being able to find the apostrophe on any keyboards is making me a bit looney.

I need way more time in Florence, but I have to go to Milan so I can fly to Greece. This week was not planned very well. Im not sure if I was really tired when I planned it or not paying attention or what, but I keep finding myself being like what was I thinking. Maybe I got lazy when I was planning it. Anywho, I have the babbles. I got up at the crack of dawn because I had some really rude roommates who not only packed their gigantic packs last night but also again this morning. It worked out though, I have been walking around for about three hours. Seeing some sights and walking through the gigantic market. While walking through the outdoor market I came upon an indoor one with tons of food, meats, veggies, wine and sheeps heads. It was enormous and took up two floors. There is nothing I love more than a good stroll through a market. Its a great place to watch people and take pictures. Its also usually a place where you can see real locals, something Florence is seriously lacking. There are tons of tourists here. Same with Venice, im not sure anyone actually lives in Venice. Ha. Thats all for now, ill probably post when I get to Athens. Ciao!