Nijo Castle

Kyoto is filled with temples and shrines. You can go around any corner and there is a chance you might hit one. Upon looking for one you will find another. Yesterday we hit the Nijo Castle, which is a complex of palaces and gardens. The floor was designed to make the noise of a nightingale to alert the occupants of anyones arrival. It was a really fascinating. Coming from Egypt their history seem so young, even though it is still older than the US. The palace was filled with paintings and mock meetings in the rooms to give an idea of what went on. It was so peaceful and made me want to take up Shotokan karate again.
Just moved from one hostel to another and find myself in the Gion district which is traditionally the Geisha district. We saw two Geisha at the castle yesterday and I am hoping to see some more walking around this district.

The more I see here the more I want to learn about Japanese culture and language. I have met some people who are teaching english here and doing other odd jobs and it is pretty appealing to me. I am sad to be leaving in a few days and wish I decided to stay a few more days when I originally booked my ticket. I guess I will just have to come back again, there is so much of the country left to see and culture to experience. Tomorrow I head back to Tokyo for a day before I fly out. I cant belive this trip is almost over, it is hard to fathom that by the end of the week I will be back in the US. It just doesnt seem real. It feels like I havent been there for years. Off to some temples and shrines.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Fushimi-inari Shrine