Leaving Japan

This morning I left Japan, or rather 24+ hours ago now. I woke up with a pit in my stomach, knowing that I had to leave. I was so sad. I moped around all morning while getting ready and finally motivated enough to leave the hostel and head for the airport. 75 minutes later, I got to Narita and was a bit teary.I know that its not just Japan but the whole re-entry shock that is going to ensue tomorrow that was really getting to me, but it is still a bit surreal to realize that two months can feel so long, and that going home, doesnt really feel like thats what I am doing. I really enjoyed Japan and probably could have spent another good two weeks there. I will have to return soon. A surprising amount of people go there to work, so maybe that is how I will get back.

Train to Narita and home.


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