Tokyo is consumerism on crack. It is unreal how many signs and advertisements there are, even in the stores. I went to Akihabara the other day and it was an electronic playground. Anything and everything electronic that you could ever want to buy can be found there. Shibuya is full of lights and people. The street crossing isn't just side to side its also across the middle of the giant intersection. I am really enjoying myself and am so glad that I decided to make the leap and come. This city has such a great feel and the people have all been great. Everything is so organized and automated. No one talks on the subway, but everyone is texting on their cell phones. I can't stop watching people, this is one of the most fascinating places I have been. I cant wait to learn even more in the coming days. I want to see many other cities but I think I will only have time to pop over the Kyoto. There is so much to see in Tokyo alone that I could easily spend my whole trip there. Next up on the list is the fish market and hopefully some gardens.




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