Peru - Bolivia 2010

The excitement for my next journey has been building like a wave out in the middle of the ocean, slowly at first and then crashing with force. I have been unable to focus on anything other than the trip for the past couple of weeks. Last night I taught my last yoga class before the trip and couldn't be happier because it means I am leaving in a few days. A few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday I leave for Lima and another adventure. It will be my first time crossing the equator and heading to the Southern Hemisphere.

We have quite the itinerary planned, including some of the most famous sites in Peru. We are lucky that the train to Machu Picchu has just reopened and we will be able to visit and even hopefully see a sunrise there! We will spend about a week in the Sacred Valley in the Andes and then head south to Lake Titicaca and then on to Bolivia. Stories and photos to follow, watch this space :)