Monday - Folkestone

Today was a working day, but it was nicely broken up with a pleasant seaside lunch in the next town over. Surprisingly no business was really discussed, it was actually lunch and not a meeting. A nice change.

I came down with a migraine not long after lunch and had to go to bed for three hours. I knew it was coming because I had auras in my left eye during lunch and had trouble seeing the people directly across from me. It was a bad one.  Booo. Migraines during travel suck much more than the ones at home. 

Random note, it's so strange to watch the Daily Show (Global Edition) here, they don't bleep anything out. It's gives such a different feel to the show. I almost think the bleeps are funnier.

Tonight we had dinner at The Grand in Folkestone with the whole office including some of the owners. It was  quite an enjoyable dinner. Again, almost no business was discussed. It was nice almost like meals are separate. I had "Bubble and Squeak," basically a kitchen sink meal that is made up of left overs from Sunday Roast, except this one was vegetarian. Basically it is mashed potatoes with miscellaneous vegetables made into a circle and baked with a nice sauce on top. The one I ate had spinach and carrots and possibly something else. I love potatoes so it worked great for me and I thought the name was hilarious.  
As I looked around the table I realized that only two people were born in the same country. There were the two Brit men, a Norwegian man, a French woman, a Chinese woman, a Turkish guy and an Iranian (my Dad) and then of course myself. It made for great conversation and made me smile. I love travel!