Iceland - Arrival

We have safely arrived in Iceland! The flight was pretty uneventful and almost to short to sleep. It clocked in at four hours and twenty-six minutes. Our solid landing and quick taxi to the gate was followed by the fastest customs line of all time. It is officially easier for me to get into Iceland for the first time than it is to fly home to the states. The customs agent asked me exactly no questions at all and there was no entry card or form required. He looked at a few pages and then stamped me in. I don't even seeing him scan it.

The arrival time was somewhere around 6am local (they are on GMT). It was of course really dark out. It was also doing this it's snowing, it's raining, it's snowing thing. What followed was the darkest most desolate drive from an airport I have ever experienced. The rain/snow thing continued until arrival at the hotel where we got out of the car and realized that it was also out of control windy.

It started to get light out at around 8:45am and enough of the fog has burned off so that the mountains are visible (10:50am). The forecast isn't great for the short time we are here, but hey it's February in Iceland what can you expect. Out to explore!


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