Franz Josef Glacier

I woke up nice and early this morning and booked an ice walk. I had considered not doing it because it was quite expensive due to the helicopter ride now required since ice had been falling at the face of the glacier. Since I was early enough, I decided to walk to the face of the glacier too. I was the first one there and I started walking/hiking at 8:25am. I was literally the first one on the trail and to get to the glacier, it was amazing. At this time the buzzing of the helicopters hadn't started yet, so the buzzing was non existent. The sun was shinning and it was a beautiful hour and half walk round trip. I spent some serious time hanging out at the end before heading back. Numerous waterfalls greeted me along the way. Bliss. A totally blissful morning walk.These glaciers are pretty rare because they are bordered by rainforests on each side on the mountains. I think it is the only place in the world where it is like that. Uh-mazing!

Ice melt river.