On Saturday morning I got up nice and early, first light really and started the drive south to Invercargill. Invercargill is a place most people don't go, it has  a bad rap for some reason. Sucheta, a friend from my Peru trip stays there for four months with her friend Judy. They had invited me to come visit.

The drive that took me four hours the day before took me 2. I stopped again at the Last Light Cafe for another mocha and a chat, then headed east along the coast. The drive took a bit longer than I expected which seems to be the trend due to the winding roads and the picture taking. It was another beautiful drive. Coastal farm lands leading right into the sea.

I arrived at Judy's house and they were out so I meditated, did a headstand and left a note to call me when they got back. They never got my note as it turned out and so when they gave me a call I was off on another adventure and had gone farther than expected. I ended up doing a loop of the Catlins that took much much longer than I had intended.

I only did a quick view of the Catlins, Kaka Point and Nugget Point. Kaka Point was pretty uneventful, your basic coastline. Nugget Point was a long dirt/gravel road away. The walk was nice and not too challenging so really anyone one could do it. The lighthouse wasn't much to speak of, but the view of the rock cliffs below was totally worth it. There was deep blue water rushing in and out of caves and a rock circle that was almost mystical. The drive back from there was epic. Besides being about a million years long, the rolling hills were quite the roller coaster.

I finally got back to Judy's just after dark and was treated to a wonderful meal and friendly faces. It was quite a mind bend to see Sucheta on the other side of the world. Judy was so warm and welcoming, I felt so at home in her home. After some nice chat we called it a night with some basic plans for Sunday.