When I left Judy and Sucheta on Monday morning I was sad to be leaving them. I was off to Queenstown but was starting to resist it for some reason. I just wasn't in the mood to be back in civilization again, as much as Queenstown is civilization. I have mostly been in super small towns and mostly on my own, so going to the "city" was giving me a weird feeling.

I drove in and then just drove right out, haha. I just continued up the road 44km to Glenorchy all along the lake. It was stunning. I am so happy I did that. I think it is something most people miss. The mountains are massive and at the end there is a beautiful snowcap that I have no idea what the name is. I had a wonderful meal that the chef made special for me at the Glenorchy Cafe, the one with the brown sign. It was worth the trip just for that meal, nevermind the scenery.

I eventually headed back to Queenstown and then back out again to Arrowtown. There was supposed to be some fall festival there. There were a few events, but nothing that interesting. The town itself is pretty toursity. One touristy street of shops. I did a loop walk and then drove back to Queenstown for real this time. I checked into my hostel which was pretty nice. It was the Nomads hostel and it was purpose built as a hostel. They have some great lounges.

I took the Gondola up the hill to get a good view and took two runs on the louge they have there, super fun. I was met with tons of Brits and Irishmen working up there. It gave me a giggle for some reason. I milled around up there for a while enjoying the view. When I came down I walked all of the streets of the main area and had a great sandwich for dinner.
Back at Nomads I did laundry forever and then called it a night. The place was hopping though, they have a Monday night bar crawl. Five bars, five free shots etc. They try to get the whole hostel to go. I was so happy to not go, haha. A nice quiet night was perfect for me. The backpacker scene is intense in Queenstown. It is just a transient place. Everyone is coming or going or finding something with adrenaline to do. Nice for a day or two, but it's pretty small and you will probably run into people you know after that, which could be good or bad depending if you partook in that pub crawl or not :)


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