South Island

Today is my last day and night on the South Island before I head north. I am a bit sad because I have had such a wonderful time down here. I have heard the north island is just totally different. I am sure it will be wonderful too though. Yesterday I drove all day to reach the Abel Tasman National Park from Greymouth. I took a long detour to the end of the road, literally, to Karamea. It had beautiful beaches but it was way out of the way. In arrived at a hostel which I had yet to book and got a room thankfully. I liked it at first but then there were so many bugs it was like camp. The bathrooms might as well have been open air out houses. I immediately got bit, lots. Then back in my room I had a psychosomatic bed bug freak out and couldn't sleep. So now I am just going to do the half day kayaking in the bay instead of the kayak and the hike. I hope I make it through the kayaking. Tonight I'll drive to Picton and then take the ferry to the north island in the morning. I'm exited about the ride they say it is beautiful. Here I come Wellington.

South Island - Road to Te Anau