Things I love

Things I love about the south island-

1. You can drive for an hour or more and not see a single other soul driving or walking.
2. It is so untouched here, so free.
3. The people have been so so so nice and everyone seems to have a generally happy demeanor.
4. The beauty is unparalleled.
5. The rocks.

Things I do NOT love about the south island -

1. Sandflies (all 9 kinds)
2. Logging & tree farms
3. The commercial venison industry ( have you ever seen deer herded and penned in? Um ya.)
4. The food options, pretty sparse.
5. Birds trying to commit suicide via car ( this happens a lot, they just fly right into you or try to)

Things I find interesting about the south island-

1. They all have plastic mailboxes.
2. Houses are almost all one storey.
3. Guys are often barefoot.
4. A lot of the SUVs have this weird air vent thing on the side of the vehicle at the front.
5. There are tons and tons of hawks.