Welly Part 2

Monday morning was the first day I wanted to stay in bed. I believe this was due to A- being totally exhausted by this point and B- the bed and studio being just totally awesome. It was great to have one lazy morning all trip. Once I was able to peel myself out of bed, I checked out of At Home Wellington City (love) around 10. They nicely took care of the mass of stuff I had accumulated by this time. I took a casual walk down Cuba street which is their trendy hippy vintage shopping cafe area. It was much different than I expected. Not many outdoor cafes and stuff seemed pretty hidden. Next to the interesting places were shops that didn't look like they fit in that district. Even at 10am it wasn't really populated yet, a lot of places were still closed. I think I went in a whole two places. It just didn't do much for me for some reason.

I slept so well. 

After another casual stroll along the waterfront I went back to Te Papa for a second look. I really didn't get much done, it is just that big. I sat in their huge cafe for a while and wrote, had a coffee, then browsed the Marae again and a few other things. You could spend months going through that place. I can see why they say that people in Wellington actually frequent it.

Te Papa view from my hotel. 
I stopped back at the hotel for my luggage and then I was off to the airport to fly north to Auckland. My cab driver and I had a lovely conversation. He was Indian but from Fiji. Generations ago his family was brought there from India to work the cane fields. Among other things, he told me I need to find a snake charmer to help me get over my massive snake phobia. He was insistent. He had lived in Australia as well but said that once he drove from Auckland to Wellington he decided to stay in New Zealand because it was just so beautiful. Gotta love that spirit. Part of the reason I travel is conversations like I had with this guy. You just can't beat them.