A little foreshadowing of life

Before I left for New Zealand I saw my eldest cousin on my paternal side. I specify eldest because she is the elder of a tribe of 14 of us, and is the only one of us who is married so far and starting the next generation. (Note-She's only a few years older than the next cousin, and there is one of us in each age bracket after that, but I like calling her the elder of the tribe). I digress. We are having dinner with miscellaneous members of our family, always delicious, and she starts to tell this story about her daughter, who  is about 2 and 1/2 now. She says "she packs a little suitcase and says she is going on a trip, then she heads for the door."  I of course say girl after my own heart, and my Mom out of the blue says, "oh you used to do that too." I was a little surprised even though I shouldn't have been considering how I live my life now. My Mom goes on to explain that I would pack up a suitcase, this red one that I had with a key that I actually remember because I used it until I was about ten or twelve, then head for the door wait a few minutes and then say I was back. I laughed a lot about this and really enjoyed the story because I think it shows that some things are just innate. My upbringing just reinforced this already innate desire to be on the move. Classic. 


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