Domestic - USA

I've been thinking / realizing that I never write about any travel I do domestically in the US. So far this blog has been pretty much internationally focused. This was sort of the point at the beginning, to keep my family and friends in the loop more than anything else. I have been doing some thinking and I think that from now on I am also going to include my domestic travel. This is mainly for two reasons, it will diminish the long time between posts, and it will allow me to share the random things I do around my own country when I visit a new place. Considering I never stay home more than three weekends in a row and am mostly not at my home two to three weekends out of any month, I figure I have some things to share even if there aren't that many readers. Onward :)

Sunrise - Kite Lake, Colorado
Getty Center - Los Angeles
New York 
Seattle - Japanese Garden