The Versalette...basically a love letter

Sometime early this year, I can't exactly remember when, a kickstarter project came to my attention. My cousin in Austin had turned me on to kickstarter the previous fall and I occasionally like to browse the site to see what is out there. The Versalette by {r}evolution apparel came across my screen during one of these browsing moments. I watched the video without sound and was immediately sold after reading the first paragraph of their pitch. The Versalette is a convertible piece of clothing that can be worn 20 different ways and counting. It is the ideal item to throw in your backpack, overnight bag or suitcase. And above all it is completely sustainable and made in the good ol' US of A. Check out their website here for more details on that part, or any part really.

 As a traveler it is a perfect item for me. I am constantly packing and repacking to minimize what is in my backpack or on the rare occasion I am traveling with one, my suitcase. It can be paired with lots of small items that don't take up a lot of space and worn in all types of weather. It can work at the beach or a night on the town and literally everything in between. It is simply a travel "go to."

Like any new business there have been a  lot of learning experiences during production for these lovely ladies, but they kept all of their backers well informed which was appreciated.  The excitement has been building all year and just about a month ago now, I received mine in the mail. It is even better than I had even imagined it. I immediately wore it to a restorative yoga class, got compliments and gave out the website. Since then I have continued to wear it around wherever I go and get a lot of questions about it. It is a great opportunity for me to sing the praises of {r}evolution apparel and the Versalette.

On my recent trip to NYC, see posts below, I had the chance to pack much lighter because I brought along my Versalette. I wore it all weekend. I wore it to Shakespeare in the Park one way, to the Guggenheim another and still another to lunch. To say I am a fan is an understatement, I am crossing the line into the groupie arena.

While it isn't sold internationally yet, only in the U.S.,  I have no doubt that these innovative women will continue to expand and share their message everywhere they go (check out their blog for updates and info on further rounds of production). I am sure that all of the supporters out there will continue to wear theirs wherever they go and share that message with everyone they meet far and wide in the world who asks about the awesome outfit they happen to be wearing. "Oh let me tell you about it, it's the Versalette and you are going to love it!"