Yummy Food & The Guggenheim

After waiting in line for tickets to "Into the Woods," and then relaxing for several hours to recuperate we headed out to meet the two friends who would be attending the show with us. We met them at The Penrose on 2nd Avenue between 82nd & 83rd. I mention this specifically because they had a great selection of beers and well the bar tender was super nice and let me try a bunch of samples sizes before I decided what I wanted. It also had a nice atmosphere. They had some large nice booths and a few long tables in the back that would be good for a group of people. It looks tiny when you first walk in, but there is a second bar in the back where it is more open. Great pit stop.

From there we walked up a block to Beyoglu (3rd Ave & 81st) for dinner. It is a Mediterranean/Turkish place. The menu was great and for me, a vegetarian, there was plenty to choose from. They had tons of waitstaff, like they were waiting for a massive rush (we were there pretty early, on purpose). We shared a delightful Malbec and everyone was pretty happy with their meals. I am not a huge hummus person, but theirs was delicious. I had zucchini cakes and a few falafel, yum. My friend had a sampler plate that had hummus, vegetables, babaganoush, a stuff grape leaf and I think two or three other things I can't remember. My friend's friend and her husband had, a chicken dish with rice and a lamb dish respectively. The plates were pretty massive. Two people could easily share an entree or just some home. They both raved about how perfectly everything was cook. If you are in the area, absolutely check it out! 

We took a nice easy walk to the Delacourt Theater from dinner and settled into the show. The show was great. I really enjoyed it. The performances were all well done, no one faltered. The little boy was especially great and who knew that Amy Adams could sing? It was a great experience. It did drizzle a bit during the show, but everyone just pulled on their rain coats and ponchos and the show went on. Make sure you bring one if you go. 

Sunday morning my friend and I took a stroll to the Guggenheim which neither of us could remember if we had been to it before or not. Once I got inside I felt like I maybe have visited once a long time ago but couldn't be sure. I thought the price was a little steep at $22.00 considering you can't really spend all day there. You can easily see all of the exhibits in under three hours and that is if you are really dawdling. The building is pretty great and I think it is worth it to go at least once, just to roam around the spiral floors that gently carry you back down to the street level. There was an exhibit by a photographer that I did not care for. It was all portraits and they just didn't have any real kick to them. She also had these videos playing of people doing mundane things, which did nothing for me, but that is why art is in the eye of the beholder. I suppose mundane is the way to describe the whole exhibit that encompassed three separate galleries. The main exhibit in the main hall of the building was called Art of Another Kind: International Abstraction and housed pieces from 1949-1960. I was introduced to a few new artists which is always nice, but on the whole only a few pieces really struck my fancy. There is also a small gallery dedicated to Kandinsky who I enjoy and another gallery is a semi permanent collection with some Picasso's, Manet's and Monet's among others. All in all a good trip and a great place to people watch.
Lunch was at Le Pain Quotidien on 88th and Lexington. My meal was wonderful. I had a tomato and asparagus fritata and a mint lemonade. My friend had an interesting open faced sort of sandwich with avocado, tomato and cucumber and possibly some other things. We both loved our meals. I liked this place because of the open setting, wonderful smells and very fresh food. My friend mentioned that they had also just opened one in Philly. You would never know it was a chain to sit in the place. It looks like just a random restaurant with great food. Yum.