Cafe Du Monde - New Orleans

I ducked out of the conference a few hours early on Tuesday to do some final sightseeing. It had really slowed down and there was really no reason for me to stay since I had seen everyone I had intended to see.
I popped by the hotel to get out of my dress clothes and put on something for tourist walking. I had two goals for this afternoon before our corporate party that night, one, go to St. Louis Cemetery #1 and two, go to Cafe Du Monde if there was no line.


 The cemetery is between the French Quarter and Treme. I walked up Canal Street through some construction and I'm not going to lie, some weird looks. (I am sure my walking briskly probably gave me away as someone who lives above the Mason Dixon line.) I walk all the way there to find it had closed a half hour earlier. Personal fail. I always check for opening and closing times, but for some reason it never occurred tome that a cemetery would close at 3:00pm. I was sure it would be open until at least 5:00. It was not. I was able to look in through the gate and see the stones packed in tightly above ground. It was quite full to say the least. It was truly unique though, just like I had always heard about cemeteries in NOLA. Everything is above ground because of the water table.

Disappointed, I headed south back towards the French Quarter, holding my nose crossing Bourbon and then casually strolling along Royal Street looking in windows and taking pictures. By the time I was done strolling I had come back upon Cafe Du Monde. Shockingly there was no line! I guess the key is to go in the afternoon on a weekday. There were people there of course, as I assume there always are, but there were plenty of seats and I plopped down and order some beignets and a Cafe ole. I had a prime seat along the rail looking out. Perfect for people watching. There was also some nice jazzy music being played right outside the Cafe. It really set a classic scene while I sat and enjoyed the touristy joint. It's touristy, but for first timers, which I was, I think it is a must do. It's just classic. (Although I wouldn't wait in line for it.)