Arrival in Boulder

Denver International
 I am nothing if not an efficient traveler. If there is something "close by" that I can do while I am somewhere else I try to make it happen. A bad example would be hey Bhutan is close to Nepal why don't I just pop over (in April). Another example would be I'm in Minnesota why don't I just pop over the Colorado (okay not really a better example but you get the idea). If something or someplace is close enough I will try to make it work. This trip was no exception. I decided that since I was already half way across the country I would go visit my dear friend in Boulder. He moved there at the end of last summer and has started massage therapy school.

I had visited Colorado once before in 2006. It was surprising how fresh some of it still was in my memory once I got there. I flew in Friday afternoon before the mountain rush or so I thought. There was a miscommunication with my friend and I ended up taking a bus up to Boulder through some very bad traffic.  This little detour allowed me to see an amazing sunset. I know it's the most simple everyday thing, but sunrises and sunsets always get me and any day I see one or the other or both is a good day.

Not a bad picture considering it was through the window of a moving bus with an iphone 4.

After the trek through traffic I was greeted by a large hug and Indian food, which made it all worth it...I'm easy to please. This particular friend and I have been friends for about 10 years and counting and can pretty much pick up wherever we have left off, be it two days ago or a month ago. I am blessed to have a few of these people in my life and we travel along together on our own paths learning from and teacher each other.

Fully satiated with Indian food, we went to St. Julian, a swanky hotel downtown that has live bands on Friday night. It was a truly unique experience. It is sort of in the lobby/lounge/bar area. The band is set up in the corner and the place is packed. And the people are dancing! They are dancing everywhere and anywhere. The scene was unlike any other place, every age was represented, there were college students, wealthy couples, hippies, hipsters, and every type label for a person you can image. They were all represented in this random spot having a grand old time dancing it up and just being free. There were no pretensions. It also struck me that no many people were drinking, it wasn't a drinking event. Everyone was just there to enjoy the music and have a good time. It was awesome.