#WDS2013 Quick Inventory

Powell's City of Books - Portland , Oregon

Days - WDS - 2 and a little - my trip 5

Opening Party - 1 - Go big or go home aka at a ZOO

Marching band complete with guys on stilts - 1

Skeeball - 4

Attendees - 2800 +

Speakers - 12+

Food Trucks eaten at - 3 ( paltry considering their number)

Frozen Yogurt eaten - 2

People met - 10+

Visits to highly sensitive person lounge - 1

Highly sensitive person lounge - View from my hammock. I didn't stay long, I don't like my hammocks to be self enclosed pods. The lack of air and slight claustrophobia can get to me. Lots of people looked super comfortable though.

 Glow in the Dark 3DPirate themed golf rounds - 1

Pirate themed 3D glow in the dark mini golf in the basement of the Hilton. Yes it was creepy and fun.

 Walk along the waterfront - 1

World Record Broken - 1 ( I was a witness not a participant.) 

Times I had to spell my name even though I was wearing a name badge - 5 (This is remarkably lower than normal.) 

Hills walked - 1 x 10

Closing Party - 1 massive - Closing down Pioneer Square to dance dance Bollywood and 80s style.

Champagne flutes - 3,000+

Times I cried - 5

Times I laughed - innumerable

Art Museum Visits - 1

Afternoon sessions I gained entry into - 1

Outside Meet ups - 2 

Trips to Powell's City of Books - 2

Times I gazed around in awe in Powell's - At least 10

Times I told Danielle Laporte "Thanks for bringing the woo woo," while standing in line for burritos - 1 

Times I saw one of the speakers in the airport but failed to strike up a conversation due to exhaustion - 5 

Flights taken - 4

Flights delayed - 2

Instagrams - 16
Seen in #PDX and instagrammed, or as I like to say "grammed"

Pictures taken - over 200

Tweets - 40

Bike accident heard in close vicinity - 1

Impromptu concert in the airport by a children's choir - 1

(Note: Yes it's true, I took a red eye just a short time ago and then wrote this post. Instead I should have been working or sleeping, but I felt like sharing more.) 


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