Ireland Through The Trees

Ireland is known for its rolling green hills, pastures, stonewalls and ocean views. One thing that is often overlooked is the magnificent array of trees. Anyone who has been reading for a bit knows that I am partial to trees anyways, but I felt that in a place that isn't recognized for them I would give them a big ol’ shout-out via a photo spread. This is my love letter to the trees of Ireland.


(If you think trees are boring you should probably skip this post :))

County Wicklow 

Ok not a tree, but pretty just the same. 

County Meath 

County Cork 

County Galway 

Northern Ireland (UK) 

County Antrim

Ok, this one really isn't about the trees. A bride and groom (left), were in an old car having their wedding pictures and blocking the middle of the road, the tractor decided to pass them at a hurried pace.