Scone Lessons in Kinvarra, Ireland

Finished product! 

I love simple, spontaneous, unique travel experiences that have nothing to do with traditional tourism. They seem to be finding me lately and I am welcoming them with open arms. While I was in Ireland I had the great pleasure of staying with the same person three times. She became a friend after the first day of the first stay and each time I went back it felt like visiting a home away from home. I was always welcomed back with loving open arms. Besides being a wonderful ceramics artist (see Meet an Artist 2), she was also a superb cook and baker. During one of my visits I had the great fortune of a scone lesson. The best part of a scone lesson is the eating. Yum!

With permission from my lovely host I thought I would share the recipe and directions.

Thanks again B!

Fruit (Raisin) Scones       (makes 12-13 scones)

Ingredients -

450g self raising flour (16oz or 1 cup)
85g butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
*buttermilk (see below)
200g soltanes – currants – or raisins (approx)
175-180 oven C (about 350 degrees F)

Instructions –

Blend  -  the dry ingredients – flour, baking powder & salt
Chop the butter into bite size pieces and put in with dry ingredients

Transfer to a bowl (will be a fine sift)
Put fruit into bowl – mix by hand

Crack 2 eggs into measuring jug, blitz with a fork
*up to 10 fl oz on top of the eggs – ½ liter – total eggs & milk, milk curdles but that’s ok.

Flower the work surface
Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients. Pour all of the liquid in the well.
Blend in from the sides by hand.
Mixture is moist but not very wet. (if too wet add a fraction of flower)
Combine – light as possible- keep air in (can also be done by hand)

Turn out onto floured board
Flatten out to 1 ½ inches
Scone cutter – 2-2 ½  inch (Looks like a round cookie cutter)
Dip outer scone cutter into flour.
Using the scone cutter, dip down fast and cut. Don’t drag.

Place on a non- stick baking tray.
Bake for 15-20 minutes ( You will smell them!)

You can brush the top with beaten egg if you so desire before baking.

Other types of scones –

Omit the fruit for plain. Omit fruit and sugar for savory. For example, add 2-300g grated herbs and cheddar cheese for savory.

Enjoy with butter, jam and tea! 

Dry mix

Combined mix

Full mix

Working with the mix
Cutting out the scones. 

Cutting out the scones. 

Baking in the oven!