Taxi Talks - Dublin

During #TBEX, the Travel Bloggers Expo in Dublin this year, I took two taxis. One driver was thrilled to talk and the other was rather shy. This account is from the first.  I considered walking but it was dark and rainy.

Driver: Where ya from? What are you doing here? How long are you here?
Me: Near Boston. I’m going to a travel bloggers conference.
D: I love Boston. I’ve been there a lot. I have family there (of course) and  I’ve been for the marathon.  
M: (In my head: judging him because he looks like he has never run anywhere) You’ve been to the marathon? To run or to watch?
D: To run of course. A couple of times. I’ve done New York City too.
M: Wow, that is impressive. Those are not easy marathons.
D: Not at all. I was younger back then, in the 80s and 90s, and we had a great running group. We used to get the whole group to go over. We used to stay in that hotel near the finish line. Park something?
M: Park Plaza.
D: Yes! That’s it.
M: Did you have to qualify at that time or do the charity run?
D: I qualified but it is much harder nowadays. Most people try to get a charity number because they can’t qualify.
M: I have a friend who ran it that way. She had to raise a lot but she did it in spades and had a great time.
D: That’s lovely. It’s too bad about the bombing this year. I hope people will come back and run it again next year.
M: They will.
D: I hope so.
M: So what should I do around here that is more local, not touristy. I’ve done a lot of the touristy type things.
D: Ever been to Cobblestone pub? Go to Cobblestone pub. It’s grand.
M: I’ll have to check it out. We have a lot of events for this conference but it sounds good.  
D: What kind of conference is this again?
M: Travel Bloggers.
D: Travel what?
M: Travel bloggers, people who travel around experience things and write about them online and share tips for different locations.
D: Oh right. I get ya. Must be a good conference if they are sending you to the Guinness Factory for an opening party.
M: I’m not sure, I’ve never been before. This is my first time attending.

(We roll up to the Guinness Factory to see gents on stilts, a live band and some sort of fire breather/fireworks outside the door greeting people. I go silent, excited and nervous. See below. )

D: Ya, this looks pretty wild.  Enjoy! 
D: I'll tell the guys to come here later to pick you all up.