Top 5 Reasons for Scooter Crashes in Pai (and Thailand)

Top 5 Reasons why People Crash Scooters in Pai (and Thailand in general)

-Inexperienced people rent scooters and don’t take a lesson.

- The bikes are unfamiliar from what people may be used to. A lot of bikes are not in great condition due to the number of crashes. Mine had a number of zip ties holding pieces of it together. A couple in my hostel had one that was incredibly out of alignment and wouldn't go straight. 

-People don't know where they are going direction-wise. Think about when you drive a car to place you have never been before and multiply it by a scooter

-There are many, many distractions. Beautiful scenery, colorful signs, people weaving in and out of traffic, sand and the aforementioned trying to figure out where you are going.

-People get overconfident while and some drive drunk.

Some these may seem silly but they are all entirely true. Ride carefully and take a lesson if they are available and if you don’t know what you are doing.  You might think you would never rent a scooter in a foreign land, that’s what I thought, but some places it is the only way to get around.