2016 Recap - Inventory

I don't normally post year end re-caps but this year, in an effort to continue to connect to gratitude and growth, I've decided to give it a go. (Please note, this is an abbreviated list)

2016 feels like the longest short year on record of my life so far. By the end of the year I could barely recall specifically what happened this year... or was it last year (2015). I found myself grasping for my journals and my instagram (sad I know) to remind me. It was such a full and meandering year, I've had trouble keeping track of things. So here is an attempt to remind myself and of what came to be of 2016. 

Moment of Light, Trim Castle, Ireland (No Editing)

Places I Traveled (In No Particular Order) 

  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York 
  • North Carolina
  • Texas 
  • Costa Rica
  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland 
  • Norway

Yoga Classes Taught  - 96

Interpersonal Relationships - 

-Maintained and developed Core Relationships
-Put more effort into seeing cousins and family - far and wide
-Developed new friendships of depth and connection
-Stopped gripping onto relationships that were not working 
-Allowed life to be life and focused time and effort where it was reciprocated and appreciated
-Put an emphasis on balance throughout my interpersonal relationships, cultivated the depth of relationships that sustain me

Big Moments of Gratitude 
- Participated in the wedding of one of my closest friends in a beautiful expression of devotion
- Watched my cousin get married in a foreign country surrounded by an incredible group of souls 
- Every time I used my passport
- Meeting lots of new life
- Sharing New Years Eve at a cabin with family 
- The random extrovert phase I went through over the summer

Everyday Gratitude  
- Time spent with family
- Breath 
- Physical ability to try new activities - Barre, Aerial Yoga, ATV-ing, Snowshoeing, +
- Organizational Skills
- Health, myself, family and friends
- Attempt at a 40 day Kriya with a friend (we only made it part way) 
- Breath and meditation practice
- Laughter and smiles with dear friends and picking up where we left off
- Moments of quiet
- Freedom of a flexible schedule 
- Ability to understand process and teach myself new skills 
- Support from friends and family 
- Small decisions everyday that shape a year and a life 
- Nights of good sleep
- Little notes from people I love
- Quality time in any form
- Writing notes of gratitude by hand

2017 Room for Improvement 
- More Blogging - Obviously - Haha
- Unreserved openness in close interpersonal relationships, more sharing
- See the people I love as often as possible
- Implement strategies to curtail work-aholic tendencies 
- Try at least three new athletic pursuits - TBD
- Consistently find time each day for 5 minutes of quiet (or more if possible)
- Make choices around social media, the internet, email etc that allow me to be involved but   decrease time and productivity loss
- Be more conscious about unconscious numbing practices
- Have more fun through shared experiences
- Cook More

2017 Projects 
- Picture/Video a day personal private archive
- Trip/Itinerary Planning for new travelers - Help more people travel 
- Yoga/Spiritual Trip to an International Location (TBD) 
- Further monetization of this stie (I just started in December)
- 35th Birthday Adventure - Location TBD
- Try out the Bullet Journal System (The Basic Version)
- Complete Ayurveda Course
- Take yoga workshops for CEs and personal enrichment
- Attend free lectures 


What are you working on this year?