Links & Loves

Please note, most of these are affiliate links, which means if you click through the link and buy something, I get a small commission in return. I'm not huge on affiliate links but I do like to share things I actually use while traveling. Here are some of them.

Airbnb - My positive experiences using Airbnb cannot be understated. Many of my stays have enhanced trips, led me to places I would have never found and helped me to make friends abroad. I love the chance to stay in a property I would never get to otherwise and meet people I never would otherwise.
Top Tip- Only book listings that have reviews, pictures and host bios. Click link for coupon!


Books - I love to read. I'll read almost anything but since this is a travel site, here are some of my favorite travel related books.

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

The Geography of Bliss By Eric Weiner

Do Travel Writers Go to Hell By Thomas Kohnstamm

Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day By Matt Kepnes

Manuscripts Found in Accra By Paulo Coelho

Shantaram By Gregory David Roberts

Turn Right at Machu Picchu By Mark Adams 

Vagabonding By Rolf Potts


GearI use all sorts of travel gear. I have recently tried to cut back on the buying of said gear because sometimes it just becomes an addiction and I really already have everything I need. It's just a matter of find it when a specific trip comes up. The things listed below are all things I have used and do use while on the road.

I know it sounds funny but I didn't discover these journals until I was in an airport in Abu Dhabi. They are compact, have smooth paper and can fit in any bag. They come in a number of sizes and colors.

Aquis Adventure Microfiber Towel - I always travel with one or a few of these. Stowable, quickdry and come with a an easy hang fabric loop attached for easy hanging. 

Deuter Speed Lite Backpack 20L - Great on the go day pack or carryon. Super lightweight. No frills. 

Deuter ACT Lite 50+10 Backpack - I used this for my RTW. Top and bottom opening and lots of pockets including some hidden ones. It served my purposed great except that I bought the men's instead of the woman's because of color preferences but I can see how they are built differently and that I would have benefited form the woman's (even with the terrible color choices at the time)

Eagle Creek Pack it Sac Set - The inside of these are coated water-proof, perfect for unexpected spills. I used these for tricky toiletries. 

Eagle Creek Pack it Specter Cube Set - I use these for all sorts of things, and a million brands have things like this, so shop around to find what works for you. I create my own first aid kit and house it one of these, sometimes my electronics, adapters, they allow me to group by theme for easy maneuverability on the go. 

Lightload Towels - Great for emergency, reusable or disposable

Leatherman Pocketknife  - I never travel without a knife or some sort, for so many reasons. Safety, cutting something in a pinch, using it as a tool when you don't have one, macgyvering something out of the blue. You name it, it is great to have with you. Do keep informed about local rules and customs though! 

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Bag  - I have a number of these Sea to Summit Dry bags in all different sizes and materials.  They are great to have even as a "just in case" because they fold down small. They can also be used to organize your pack into "grab and go." One for electronics, one for socks, etc. Great way to organize. Plus I like knowing that my external hard drive always has a dry place it can go.

Sea to Summit Trek and Travel Pocket Soap  - Because you always need soap. 

And because it's awesome ---

Scratch Off Map!


REI - I also buy a lot at REI. These ones are not affiliate links because honestly their affiliate program is very complex and exclusive. I still love them anyways :)

REI Trail 40 Pack - This has become on of my weekender travel packs. Not necessarily for hiking but for get out and go road trips. I have the men's pack because they didn't have women's at the time I bought it but it looks like they do now.  I tend to buy men's packs anyways because the colors they market to women are usually awful and make us stand out in a crowd. Why do they think women don't want a black pack? I have also used this for a week, two or three in Europe as well.

REI Flash 18 Pack - Good stow-able pack. I can roll mine down nice and small. I often put a hair elastic around it to make it stay tight and rolled. I have a much older version, it looks like they have made some serious improvements from my model. Comes in many different colors. Good for a mini day pack for a not so long hike. No frame or hardness to it. Soft parachute like fabric.