Sunrise -Nova Scotia 2009

I love photography.  My first camera was a small rectangular blue fisher price camera with yellow buttons. I  used that thing until it died a slow death of blurred images. Up until a few months ago I still used a black and white dark room to do some of my work. I have been in a few local juried art shows, which has been a thrill. 

I am now selling some prints. I am very excited about this as I have had requests from my many adventures.There are a lot of options available on each site.  Poke around a bit to get the full spectrum of options.

You can buy them here on Imagekind. This is a small selection of prints, mostly older shots. 

I am also on flickr, so if you see something there that you want to buy, message me and I can add it to one of the other sites for purchase. Flickr link is below. 

Sawrah's Photos

If you like something I have posted and want a print, contact me  and we will work something out. 

Some random pics I enjoy. 

Nova Scotia 2009

Nova Scotia 2009

Chicago 2008

New Orleans - 2012
Larrybane Bay, Northern Ireland - 2007
Cape Cod Sunrise - 2011

Lake Titicaca - Bolivia 2010